Project Description

Los proyectos de AGRI-I serán implementados in cinco paquetes de trabajo conectados:


WP1: Establishment, management and global outreach of the AGRI-I Consortium

Partner organisations: Teagasc, AFBI, UCD, TCD, Maynooth University and University of Limerick

WP Leader: Dr. Gary Lanigan (Teagasc)


WP2: Carbon sequestration in permanent pastures and arable soils

Partner organisations: University of Limerick, Teagasc, UCD

WP Leader: Dr. Ken Byrne (University of Limerick)


WP3: Quantification of specific N2O emission factors and the assessment of fertiliser mitigation options

Partner organisations: Teagasc, AFBI

WP Leader: Dr. Karl Richards (Teagasc)


WP4: Database collation and modelling

Partner organisations: TCD, Teagasc, UCD, Maynooth University

WP Leader: Prof. Mike Jones (TCD)


WP5: RumenStability

Partner organisations: Teagasc, UCD

WP Leader: Dr. Sinéad Waters (Teagasc)