The AGRI-I consortium is composed of researchers, students and professionals from participating organisations across the island of Ireland and beyond. They bring together expertise in multiple fields including biogeochemistry, atmospheric flux measurement, soil science, animal molecular biology, climatology, GIS, policy development and economics.

Gary Lanigan, TeagascConsortium Coordinator, WP1 Leader, Principal Research Officer
Area of work: Agricultural GHG mitigation, inventory refinement, measurement of N2O and carbon fluxes
Ken Byrne, ULWP2 Leader, Lecturer
Area of work: Impact of land use on soil carbon stocks and GHG emissions, C storage in harvested wood products
Karl Richards, TeagascWP3 Leader, Head of Department
Area of work: Contaminant fate and transport in agricultural ecosystems, measures to improve agri-environmental sustainability
Mike Jones (TCD)WP4 Leader, Professor Emeritus
Area of work: Climate-plant interactions, effects of changing climate and rising CO2 on various ecosystems including agricultural and natural grasslands and tropical wetlands
Sinéad Waters, TeagascWP5 Leader, Senior Research Officer
Area of work: Bovine rumen microbiology (how the rumen microbiome develops over time and due to nutrition), bovine transcriptomics and genomics, methane production
Órlaith Ní Choncubhair, TeagascConsortium Manager, Post-Doctoral Researcher
Area of work: National and international coordination of research on agricultural GHG mitigation, terrestrial biosphere-atmosphere flux measurement, near-surface remote sensing
Catherine Watson (AFBI)Head of Agri-Environment
Area of work: Nutrient cycling in grassland including losses of N and P to water and gaseous emissions (N2O and NH3), mitigation strategies to improve nutrient use efficiency
Rogier Schulte, TeagascProfessor, Translational Research on Sustainable Food Production
Area of work: Sustainable agriculture and the translation of scientific knowledge into policy advice, integrated land management
Evelyn Doyle, UCDSenior Lecturer, Deputy Head of School
Area of work: Microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, the rumen microbiome
Rachel Creamer, TeagascResearch Officer
Area of work: Leader of soil quality and classification sub-programme in Teagasc, soil C sequestration
Bruce Osborne, UCDProfessor of Plant Ecophysiology
Area of work: GHG emissions, C sequestration and management impacts, climate change and bioenergy production systems, invasive plants and ecosystem impacts
Réamonn Fealy, TeagascSenior Research Officer
Area of work: Research and technical development and implementation of spatial analysis and GIS by the Spatial Analysis Unit, development of policy, assessment of risk and legislative aspects
Christoph Müller, UCDProfessor of Soil Science (adjunct), UCD and Professor of Experimental Plant Ecology, Justus Liebig University, Giessen
Area of work: Climate change research, elevated atmospheric CO2 and elevated air temperature effects on grassland, feedback effects on GHG emissions
David Wall, TeagascResearch Officer – Biogeochemist
Area of work: Nutrient use efficiency and cycling, soil fertility and fertiliser optimisation
Mark McGee, TeagascSenior Research Officer
Area of work: Ruminant nutrition, feed efficiency, suckler beef cow systems, Irish representative on the GLOBAL NETWORK for ruminant GHG mitigation data
Paul Crosson, TeagascBeef Systems Researcher
Area of work: Quantifying the economic and environmental impact of alternative beef production systems, LCA modelling
Dario Fornara, AFBIPrincipal Scientific Officer
Area of work: Biogeochemical mechanisms responsible for influencing C sequestration in soil, impact of agricultural practices on soil biogeochemistry and sustainability
Rowan Fealy, Maynooth UniversityResearch-Lecturer
Area of work: Physical climatologist interested in land surface-atmosphere interactions
James Humphreys, TeagascPrincipal Research Officer
Area of work: Sustainable pasture-based dairy systems, improving the productivity of heavy wet grassland
Carsten Gutzler, TeagascTechnologist
Area of work: Science-policy interface, emission sources and sink potentials from agricultural land use, emissions from drained C-rich soils, GHG reporting conventions
Eddy Minet, TeagascPost-Doctoral Researcher
Area of work: Nitrogen dynamics in soil and water, GHG emissions from agricultural activities, mitigation techniques for N losses
Jesko Zimmermann, TCDPost-Doctoral Researcher
Area of work: GHG modelling, land-use and land-use change research, application of GIS to link GHG dynamics to land-use change
Karen McGeough, AFBISenior Scientific Officer
Area of work: Quantification and mitigation of N2O emissions, nitrification and urease inhibitors, improving N use efficiency, soil N transformations
Patrick Forrestal, TeagascResearch Officer
Area of work: Identifying synergies between soil fertility, plant nutrition and environmental loss mitigation to underpin sustainable intensification
Rachael Carolan, AFBISenior Scientific Officer
Area of work: Project Leader for the AGRI-I project at AFBI, agricultural management effects on grassland GHG emissions, soil C & N cycling, ecosystem functioning, plant species diversity, plant primary productivity and quality
Anne Jansen-Willems, Teagasc/Justus Liebig University GiessenPhD Student
Area of work: Microbial community shifts after addition of carbonaceous soil additives such as biochar, GHG emissions, biogeochemical modelling
Chris Maddock, TeagascTechnical Support
Area of work: Lime, nitrogen and phosphorus trials on spring barley and grassland, phenological observations
David Flynn, AFBITechnician/PhD Student
Area of work: Effects of different fertilisers on C sequestration in agricultural grassland soils, environmental science
Dominika Krol, Teagasc RO
Area of work: Quantification and mitigation of GHGs from agricultural systems, N2O emissions from animal wastes/excreta and inorganic fertilisers applied to grassland
Elizabeth Mulligan, AFBIAssistant Scientific Officer
Area of work: Impact of long-term slurry applications on C sequestration and N contents in different aggregate fractions of grassland soils
John Murphy, TeagascExperimental Officer
Area of work: N2O measurements, groundwater and lysimeter leachate experiments, agronomic performance of N and P trials
Mary Harty, Teagasc/QUBPhD Student
Area of work: Impact of fertiliser formulation on emissions (N2O and NH3) and yield in Irish grasslands